Örjan Söderberg

As a former Program Director 2006-2016, and with a broad knowledge and network – Örjan Söderberg is still a part of the shaping of Industrial Design Engineering. His work includes networking and contextual advising to our Program Director and Master Program Director. Örjan was the Winner of the 2011 Chalmers Educational Price and has guided the program to be one of the leading design engineer educations in the world.
He is teaching in design thinking and process, in ethics and sustainability, and are involved in the development of courses as well as Chalmers sustainability master minor Challenge Lab.

Örjan is driven by an urge for positive change: “I strongly believe in changing the world through things and services we encounter every day. I want to make it easier for companies to create the products and services that we and our world really(!) need - for it is when design and technology meets that the difference can be made, and where we can create a new solution, with a better method of use, more attractive to the buyer, more profitable for the company, more adapted to our ecology and future. 
Our world needs a better future and my work is to empower our students so they can be co-creators of our future.”

Technical high school diploma
Stockholm Art school
Nyckelviken Craft school
Master of Fine Arts in Industrial Design, School of Design and Crafts (HDK), Gothenburg University.
Academy of Industriele Vormgeving Eindhoven.

Professional training:
Pedagogy for university teachers
Excellence in teaching
Leadership training
Sustainability for Leaders
Education of working environment and social protection

Former council member of the Chalmers Council of Ethics
Former council member of Design With Care (DMO)
Former advisor at CradleNet Sweden
Former advisor to Design Open, Stiftelsen Svensk IndustriDesign (biggest competition in Sweden).
Former advisor to Mission24 (EC-project with cooperation from industry)
Chalmers Nomination in STINT Excellent Teaching 2010
Winner of the 2011 Chalmers Educational Price
Author of the winning self evaluation of the program 2013, for The Swedish Higher Education Authority
Winner (together with Challenge Lab) of The Gupes Green Gown Award 2016

Former positions:
Industrial Designer, SWECO
Teacher of Industrial Design, HDK
Program director at Design Candidate, HDK
Program director at Teknisk design, Chalmers

Former lecturer at Sustainability day – Hållbarhetsdagen, Gothenburg University.
Lecturer for PHD students in Design history.
IDE-Alumni group responsible.
Responsible for www.tekniskdesign.se and Teknisk designs Facebook page.

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